Live Music vs. a DJ

A Level Playing Field

 Band vs DJ articles. You've read them  before. We will attempt to provide a "fair & balanced" view of the  band vs DJ debate and educate you as to the benefits of hiring a LIVE  BAND. While some points we cover might not be true for all bands, we  know that Grand Central Station in particular holds true to all of the  points we make here.

 Variety of Music - Some DJs advertise they have over 1000 songs in their library.
Grand Central Station knows well over 1000 songs, however when we  perform at a standard 4 hour event we normally play between 50 to 65  songs. Also, we always communicate with the client before hand to see if  there are special songs or style of songs they would like played so we  are prepared in advance for any special requests. 

 Bands are too Expensive -  Most reputable DJs charge between $1500. to $2000. One Guy!!!  If budget  is paramount, then yes a DJ is probably a good place to cut some  costs.However, remember it is the personality of your entertainment that  is equally important. Don't cut the budget so much that you end up with  someone that knows nothing of weddings or parties and can't dress  appropriately, and tells off color jokes.
Remember this, musicians love to perform. People like to be entertained  and feel the emotion of the musicians. Provide entertainment for your  guests, not someone who is going to lead a conga line. (that's cheesy). 

 Our reception is in a small room, and a band won't be quiet enough - Every  Bridal Show we have showcased at has had at least one DJ that thinks  his music needs to be heard throughout the entire room. DJs typically  play at one volume with out any dynamics to the music. With the right  technology and/or the right musicians, there is no reasonable band can't  play at a level that is perfectly acceptable to everyone. The point is is that a good band with the right equipment can play just  as quietly as a DJ and still sound good (if not better). 

 A DJ is more reliable in that there is only one person to worry about instead band of 6 + musicians- Illness,  traffic jams, family emergencies, auto accidents... these things happen  to everyone DJs are not immune to them any more than bands.However, if a  DJ gets caught in traffic the music definitely won't start until he  arrives. With a band you have several members coming, yes someone may  get hung up in traffic but at least the other band members can get the  wedding or event started. Every professional band has backup players  that can step in should an emergency occur.

  The Wow Factor - Live musicians  performing on stage are going to have a more exciting, interesting,and  dynamic impact than a DJ .   You can feel the emotion of the  vocalist, you can see it in his or her face, you can hear it in their  voices. A good band will be able to read a crowd as well as a DJ to see  what music is being well received. However, it's the "wow factor" of  having dynamic interactive, live musicians that is instrumental in  making for a truly memorable party.  


Why Choose Grand Central Station

 Experience-We  have been in the entertainment business for over 40 + years. Let the  professionals with this experience make sure your wedding or event is a  success from beginning to end. 

 Musical Diversity  - Many bands (and even DJs) claim that  they can play all styles of music. Our music library is a collection of  songs from all genres. We truly can play songs ranging from the "Big  Band Era" up to today's dance music, including everything in between. 

 Professionalism -  We have worked with just about every Banquet Manager,Photographer,  Videographer, as well as other service Professionals in the Capital  District Area. Our experience has served us well in that we deliver the  utmost professional performance while working hand in hand with these  vendors. It is paramount that everyone work together to deliver only  their best to make your event one to remember. 

 Pricing -  Our pricing is extremely affordable. For a Band of our caliber, we are  sensibly priced without any hidden charges or extra fees.  We encourage  any potential client to check our references from previous customers or wedding professionals. We will gladly furnish references upon request. 

 Sound - We are a 6 piece band with a big sound. We do not stylize our songs. We perform them the way they should be or else we do not play them.
Our equipment and sound system are state-of-the-art  providing premium sound at your get event.


Sorting out who would be the best entertainment should not be a hard choice. Choose the Band with the 40 + years experience.
 The Band with a great reputation.

The Band that is sensibly priced.
 The obvious choice - Grand Central Station