How to find out if the band is avaialbe for my date?

 Please contact the Grand Central Station Band by filling out the contact page of our website. We will get back to you on our availability for your date. 

How much advance notice do you need to book the band?

 Our bookings extend over two years into the future. Some popular dates and seasons fill up faster than others, so there is no rule about advance notice. We recommend that you check our availability at least 10 months before your event, and we can let you know if your date is available, or if other parties are considering the same date. 

How far away from the Capital district do you travel?

 We are based out of the Capital of New York , however each situation is unique so it is best to talk to us about any special travel plans. Traveling fees will apply. 

Can I come see the band to help me evaluate you?

 You are more than welcome to listen and meet with us at any PUBLIC appearances. Contact us for a list of these PUBLIC dates.

We encourage you to evaluate the Grand Central Station Band based on our experience, our reputation, the abundance of credible information we give you, our audio demonstration recording, song samples supplied on our web site and attendance at our numerous PUBLIC appearances; but not by visiting us during a private performance. 

Here's why: 

 Every event is different. We adapt our songs and approach to venue acoustics, the audience personality, and host requirements. What you would hear in a visit may not be what you're looking for, but it would be right on target for the demands of the event we're playing at.

* Nearly all of our events are private parties. We feel that it is unprofessional for us to "crash" their party with our own "guests". After all, the event hosts are paying us to devote our energy and focus on their party, not Grand Central Station Band business issues. We have honed a professional attitude and product during our 30 years of experience, and ask you to trust us to deliver everything you hope for in your musical entertainment. We are happy to supply references for you to contact to help you make your decision. *

Can I meet with you?

 Absolutely! Generally however, 99% of all Band bookings can effectively be handled through telephone conversations. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

 You can pay for the Band with personal or corporate check,credit card, cash, money order, or cashiers check.  Also Paypal and Wedding Wire.


When is my payment due?

 Our policy is a nonrefundable deposit with the signed contract, within 10 days of verbal commitment to book the Grand Central Station Band. The balance is due any time after that right up to the day of your event. 

Do you play music not included on your song list?


Our published song list represents only a portion of our complete repertoire, so we may already know a song you want. If we don't know it, the Grand Central Station Band specializes in learning new material just for you. We're professionals and enjoy the challenge and diversity of new songs, which we pick up quickly and perform authentically. We request that you allow us at least one month to learn new material.

Do you play cultural music?

 We  have a number of traditional songs in our standard repertoire, including Jewish, Italian, Irish, Polish and many more types  of  music. We can also learn special songs for your event. If you need  true, authentic performances of  music, we can make arrangements based on your needs.

Do you play ceremony music?

 Yes, We have several options for ceremonies please contact us and we can assist you with all your requests.


Do you offer dinner and cocktail music?


Consider enhancing your dinner and cocktail periods with the ambiance of subtle background music. We have several options available. Contact us and we can provide any type of music based on your needs.

Are the band members always the same?

 The Grand Central Station Band does not rotate or "job" musicians from event to event, we are a BAND. Working as frequently as we do allows the band members to commit exclusively to us, maintaining a consistently high music quality. While the band maintains the same core of instrumentalists and vocalists, some faces may change as we augment the core with additional musicians. Band members may also change due to illness or extenuating circumstances. In the event of a replacement, we substitute with a person of equal caliber, ensuring the overall high-quality sound for which we are known. 


What does the band wear

 Unless directed otherwise, The Grand Central Station Band men always wear Formal Suits or classic, sharp tuxedos, with the female vocalist smartly dressed in evening apparel. 

Will you disturb my guests when you set up your equipment?


We completely set up the bulk of our equipment (sound system, stands, etc.) before your guests arrive, ensuring that your party is not disrupted. Some members with minimal equipment arrive an hour before start time. Vocalists and musicians with only hand-carried bags may arrive a few minutes before starting. We make every effort to get to the stage area via the most discreet path, with absolute sensitivity to your guests.

How many breaks do you take?


The band takes two 10-minute breaks during our standard four-hour performance. We play appropriate pre-recorded music during our breaks. For a more personal touch, we invite you to provide your own break music for us to play . Prior arrangement need to be made if you would like to supply us with a playlist. If you prefer to keep the energy going, consider adding continuous music (no breaks) to your Grand Central Station Band package.

Do I need to feed the band?

 The question of whether or not to feed the band comes up over and over again. From my experience, there is no one answer to this question. Some bands require that they be fed and it will appear in your contract. We do not require clients to feed the band, however, most clients choose to do so and it is always appreciated by the band. Ask the band what their policy is so that it is not an issue the day of your wedding. "It’s important to ask your caterer or banquet manager what arrangements they offer to feed all your vendors. Some caterers and banquet managers offer a reduced fee to feed the band, making it affordable to do so, and others do not. 

Can you keep your volume levels manageable?

 The Grand Central Station Band has a state-of-the-art sound system. This enables us to keep overall volume levels to a reasonable level with crystal clear vocals. We recognize that your guests don't want our music hindering their conversation, and we're sensitive to balancing the venue's acoustics with your audience's energy level. If, during the event, you ever think we are either too loud or too soft, just let us know - we'll accommodate you! 

What if there special requests

We are very flexible and usually can assist you with special requests including announcements, guests who want to perform with the band,etc... We always are willing to do whatever we can to make your day a "special one".